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If you’ve ever suffered from an injury or illness that affected your ability to handle daily tasks, your primary care physician may have sent you to a physical therapist for help getting back on your feet. Also known as a physiotherapist, such a practitioner works with a patient to help them effectively manage motor function, mobility, balance, and pain. Most of us, at sometime in our lives, will seek treatment at a therapy place. You may be referred to a physical therapy clinic after surgery, after an auto accident, or to address chronic pain. Our Fort McMurray physiotherapy practitioners at Downtown and Timberlea branches work with people who have all sorts of limitations and conditions, and we invite you to call today to make an appointment. Call Us Today at (780) 215-0570

What We Do?

Physiotherapists work with patients to create customized treatment programs that are designed to restore as much movement and functional ability as possible. At our physiotherapy clinic, we help patients in all life stages recover after:

·       Injury

·       Weight gain or loss

·       Aging

·       Environmental stresses

·       Disease

At BlackGold Physical Therapy Clinic, Fort mcmurray

Our physiotherapy practitioners achieve their treatment goals by using methods such as:

·       Asking patients to perform certain exercises

·       Performing physical therapy massage

·       Using muscular stimulation devices

·       Manipulating joints, much as a chiropractor would

·       Teaching correct posture, walking, and other lifestyle activities

·       Stretching the patient’s muscles

We take a whole-body(holistic) approach for physiotherapy services in Fort McMurray, addressing the emotional, psychological, social, and physical aspects of a patient’s well-being. Our skilled practitioners work in every stage of healthcare, including treatment, rehabilitation, intervention, prevention, and education, to improve patients’ quality of life.

Why Our Patients Visit

As part of the science of movement, physiotherapy treatment plans are geared toward helping those with limitations regain as much mobility as possible. In our practice, we target multiple body systems to help clients regain the range of motion to perform daily activities, recover from or prevent disability, manage acute and chronic conditions, and recover from injuries. In the subsections below, we’ll list some of the reasons patients visit for physiotherapy in Fort McMurray.

Massaging leg at blackgold physiotherapy fort mcmurrayPhysiotherapy treatment for neck painPhysiotherapy shoulder pain assessment at blackgold physiotherapy clinic in fort mcmurrayBlack gold physiotherapist helping patient in lifting dumbbellsPhysiotherapist assessing patient's arm pain

We can help you with:

Muscular aches

Many patients suffer from aches that affect almost every part of the body. With our physical therapy treatments, however, it’s possible to soothe those aches and reduce stiffness by stimulating blood flow to those areas.


Unfortunately, some of our patients have found themselves suffering from injuries related to slip-and-falls, car accidents, and other events. In these cases, musculoskeletal physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services can play a crucial role in a patient’s recovery. Our physiotherapists are specially trained to create and implement programs that enhance circulation, muscle strength, and overall mobility. For severe accidents, rehabilitation measures may keep pain under control.


Some people believe that arthritis is part of aging, but those living with the condition may find some relief through our services in BlackGold Physiotherapy Fort McMurray. Our treatments can encourage blood flow and mitigate joint rigidity to help improve mobility.

Sports injury

Athletes are just as susceptible to sprains and strains as everyone else, and maybe even more so because of their strenuous workouts. During their sports physiotherapy visits, a practitioner may recommend bracing, taping, exercises, and icing to help an athlete’s body heal properly.

Respiratory Problems

Physio also helps those with issues like cystic fibrosis, which negatively affects the lungs and the digestive system. With proper treatment, it’s possible to minimize pain, encourage proper posture, and improve breathing.

Have you searched for 'physical therapy near me or physiotherapy near me' ? Or have you tried other services such as chiropractic, and still haven't had relief to the pain? We can help treat these and other conditions you may have. Consult your physician to determine if working with a physiotherapist may be right for you.


Physiotherapy for Better Health

Physiotherapists treat a range of injuries and conditions, restoring patients’ health and well-being. Some common examples include:


Repetitive stress injuries, low back pain, joint issues, sciatica, and more can be improved with physical therapy.


Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, nerve damage, concussion, and stroke can all be treated.

Autoimmune conditions

Physical therapy helps those with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and Raynaud’s syndrome.

Chronic conditions

Complications related to hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and asthma can be mitigated with physiotherapy.

Other conditions

We also offer pelvic floor physiotherapy, vestibular physiotherapy, balance physiotherapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy for knee pain, physiotherapy for neck pain, and physio for back pain or shoulder pain.

Seeing a physiotherapist is an excellent way to improve overall wellness. Though we proudly serve our patients in a clinical setting as the best physiotherapist center in the area, we also offer physiotherapy in rehabilitation facilities. We offer a variety of physiotherapy treatments, including massage therapy. We’ll work with your physician, providing feedback on progress and the issues we encounter. Call Us Today to book your next appointment at Black Gold - Fort Mcmurray's massage therapy clinic.


Why See Us?

There are a few reasons patients make an appointment with Black Gold Physical Therapy Fort Mcmurray for their first assessment and physiotherapy treatment. Sometimes doctors refer them to address specific conditions, but in many cases, our patients come to us on their own to get treated by the best physiotherapist in town. We see those who are:

·       Recovering from illnesses that affect their motor skills, balance, and mobility.

·       Suffering from chronic health conditions that affect balance and mobility.

·       Recuperating from surgery. Movement is a key part of recovery, and if a patient has had back, foot, or hand surgery, physiotherapy can help them regain use or compensate for deficiencies.

·       Aging. As a person ages, they go through changes that affect function and movement. A physiotherapist will help them regain function or learn how to work with what they have.

·       Seeking better physical performance. Patients who want to become more fit and athletic may schedule physiotherapy visits to learn how to maximize their performance potential.

When you make an appointment with a us for massage therapy or other treatments, it is wise to wear comfortable clothing and supportive shoes, because you’ll be engaging in physical movement. During your first visit, we’ll review your medical records, assessing X-rays and test results. We’ll ask questions about your lifestyle, medical history, and the conditions you’re looking to treat. You’ll likely be asked to perform simple tasks such as bending and walking, which allows our physio therapists to assess your limitations and capabilities. Then, we’ll work with you to customize a physical therapy treatment plan. This could include acupuncture, massage therapy, pelvic physiotherapy, hand physiotherapy, physiotherapy for lower back pain, or any of our other treatments.

During follow-up visits, we’ll ask you to perform certain movements and exercises. All the activities done during physiotherapy visits are part of our plan to help you achieve your recovery and wellness goals.

You will benefit from Physiotherapy if you have:

- Most neck and back problems
- Sprains/Strains of Extremity Joints
- Soft Tissue Injuries
- Sports or Work Injuries
- Post Surgical Cases
- Rehab following Stroke
- Neurologic Disorders

- Rotator Cuff Tears/Repairs
- Post Arthroscopic Surgeries
- Spinal Discs Problems
- Mechanical Back Pain
- Ambulation Problems
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Arthritic Pain & Dysfunction
- Mechanical Foot/Ankle Problems


From serious athletes to weekend warriors, we'll design an effective rehabilitation program for any individual. We don't believe in the saying "No Pain, No Gain". We attempt to motivate each patient according to his own level of tolerance and endurance. Our constant involvement with high school sports programs, as well as our experience with collegiate and professional athletics, allows us to provide the highest level of expertise needed to successfully treat any injury.


Occupational Therapy is the therapeutic use of self-care, work and recreational activities to increase independent function, enhance development and prevent disability. O.T. may include adaptation of tasks or environment to achieve maximum independence and optimum quality of life. Our Occupational Therapist is a certified Hand Specialist.


Whether you've been sidelined with a sprain or you're coping with the chronic pain of a disease like arthritis, BlackGold Physical Therapy is here to help. If you have been injured through disease, sports, or an accident, our caring experienced team of physical and occupational therapists are professionally trained to provide your physical rehabilitation needs.

Our commitment to providing you with the highest quality care means that we care about teamwork. Our licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists will work closely with you and your physician.

Your therapist will carefully evaluate your situation and recommend a treatment plan that will encompass your needs and lifestyle. We're dedicated to your care and comfort. All exam areas are private and you should allot approximately 1 1/2 hours for your first appointment. Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing is recommended.

You may not think of us until you need us.. but when you do, we're here to get you back on the road to a healthy active lifestyle.

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Whether you’re managing a chronic health condition, recovering from an injury, or simply want to enjoy a fitter and healthier lifestyle, physiotherapy can help you get it done. Request more information online about our mobile physiotherapy options or call today to schedule an appointment.

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